“Ted Tudor’s Gallant Galloping Horse Contessa’s First Time on a Movie Set” with David Trotter and Tripp Fuller
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It is hard not to get excited by the glitz and the glamor of a movie set. There are the cameras, which you know are capturing the magic happening in front of them, there are the stars prepping for their craft, there are the film crew making sure everything is running smoothly and on-time and let’s not forget the most important, the caterers. And then there are the extras and the occasional animals that are involved, that bring death and destruction to all. Featuring David Trotter (Director) and Tripp Fuller (Star) of the “best theological fiction movie of all time”* “The Road to Edmond”. It recently had it’s premiere on July 29th and will hopefully be available for viewing to your peepers very soon! Visit theroadtoedmond.com for more information. Like the sketch? Listen to the conversation that inspired it and how we recorded it here!: https://youtu.be/2wUxVPMZm20 Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent and completely improvised sketch podcast that is based on conversations with interesting people like…