“Did You Get That?” with Alisha Holland | Co-Creator of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show
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Listen to the sketch on YouTube here!: https://youtu.be/RGJQnvKXOVM This is one of my favorite all-time sketches that Alisha and I did, I think it is fantastic and really just well executed. Sometimes some of my favorite humor is when a character gets into a really uncomfortable or awkward situation and sees his or her way through it, this is not one of those cases. Also, the punchline on this sketch was perfect. So we have finished migrating the podcast over to the new service, iTunes has been updated and now you can actually see our delightful artwork in Apple Podcasts and hopefully everywhere! That has been a thing I have wanted so badly for so long! Also, I want to really quickly read a review from someone and urge you to jump onto whatever service you are using and give us a quick 5-star review. If you do, I will absolutely read one at the beginning of every episode! I would really appreciate this, I would like to get at least 100 reviews by the end of summer, so I need one a day… you could be the one!…