“Foreign Culinary Delight” with TJ Wichman | World Traveler
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: Stuart welcomes his friend and world traveler TJ Wichman onto the show. In his first meeting of TJ, Stuart knew that TJ was an interesting guy and he was not wrong. TJ has spent a lot of time circling the globe, knows a number of languages and has probably lived in whatever place you can imagine. TJ is also a big fan of reggae music and, quite honestly, is often the circle peg trying to fit into the square hole; but he is so disarming and interesting people are still drawn to him. Because of this, Stuart feels he is a kindred spirit. Stuart is definitely hoping to see TJ’s face on National Geographic because that’s where he should be. Have you subscribed to the podcast yet? If not, it’s a good time to do it before September 3rd. I know I’m hitting everyone really hard with reruns just trying to get all of the old episodes updated and up on the new site, but I’m really loving this new format and I hope you are too. While you are subscribing, if you could leave a review, that…