“Custom Job” with Sean McCabe | Author and Inspirational Entrepreneur
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I first became exposed to this week’s guest, Sean McCabe, through his website [seanwes.com] one night while searching for something to keep me from just quitting this show. I needed a boost, and after searching around on the web, Sean’s website came up and I signed up immediately: it was encouraging and driving at the same time, and the guy on the camera, Sean, was so relaxed and personable I couldn’t help but be convinced that I could continue doing this show and maybe even be successful at it. And you know what, things are going really well! Sean is now an author, and after finishing his book, “Overlap”, I can highly recommend going and buying it IMMEDIATELY! I would especially suggest the audio book, because his relaxed demeanor and positive attitude is really brought to life. You know what, I’m not doing a good job selling him, he does a much better job and I suggest visiting his website [overlapbook.com] to read more about him, buy his excellent book, sign up for his amazing online classes, and…