“It’s All In The Arm” with Josh McCullough | Co-Host of the “Shotgun and Scotch” Podcast
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Listen to the sketch on YouTube here!: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6THn4MDEixM Computer issues abound!!!! Stuart invites his friend Josh McCullough of the “Shotgun and Scotch” podcast (good luck finding it on the internet) but if you can find episode 200, you can hear Sketch Comedy Podcast Show on their show. Josh and Stuart start off talking about genitals and how they can change. Even on comedy podcasts, people can get dark. What’s worse, the “F-word” or the “N-word”? Josh is very curious about the world naked bike ride and asks Stuart all sorts of questions about it. Papuse for a penuse. Hats… do they work or not? Stuart talks about purchasing new underwear as a man and all of the options. Alisha is in rehab for chocolate, which is a bummer because her voice is evidently a “panty-dropper”. They discuss Pokemon Go… remember, this episode is over a year old, it was current at the time. Instead, Josh would rather send pictures of buttholes. They reminisce about older podcast episodes and Josh can relate to…