Conversation with Miles Stokes | X-plainer of X-things
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Miles is one half, along with Jay Edidin, of the outstanding “Jay and Miles X-plain the X-men” podcast which explores the ins and outs of the increasingly convoluted and incredibly hard-to-follow X-Men comic book universe. Since Marvel and DC are basically the Bulfinches and Aesops of the modern age, understanding the stories and their impacts on our culture is becoming increasingly important and Jay and Miles do a beyond amazing job of helping us unravel their stories in a fun and incredibly well-produced way. Miles and I talk about facial hair and how unfair that he has locks for days and I look like a newborn baby. We then move on to less important topics like gun control and whatnot. Stuart reveals that he totally accosted both Jay and Miles in line at “Fantastic Planet”. We talk a lot about comics because of course we do, and finally talk a little about his and Jay’s story, transformations, being sex-positive, and overall really interesting and good stuff! Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent…