Conversation with Shannon Milliman | Failed Supernova and Sensible Job Owner
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Watch on YouTube here: What exactly is a Failed Supernova? Well, a supernova is when a star collapses and releases all of it’s stored energy outward disintegrating everything in its event horizon… so being a failed supernova might be okay! I think what Shannon Milliman, this episode’s guest, means by it is she had the perception as a child she was going to be this incredible force of power and would have a huge impact on the world and instead works a relatively normal job for a normal amount of time and goes home and lives a normal life. So what makes Shannon so interesting? She helps other people deal with being normal and not letting their day jobs suck the life out of them. In fact, she has a talk that she does for groups called 'How not to let a 40 hour work week suck your soul”. Coming up on June 15th she debuts her one-woman show “Not So Supernova” which we talk about during this episode. A link to tickets are in the show notes. We also talk all sorts of crap (literally)…