Conversation with Melissa DaSilva | Mental Therapist and Master of Virtual Assistants
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This week’s guest, Melissa DaSilva, is a mental therapist who focuses on the LGBTQA+ community. In addition, Melissa also has a podcast called “PRIDE Connections” ( and is also starting a virtual assistant company for therapists. Melissa also runs a therapist mastermind program. I guess what I’m saying is that this is someone who is so busy, she needs a virtual assistant! We talk about all sorts of topics, from mental health to the LGBTQA+ community to relationships to virtual assistants to podcasting to finding a dead body… we really cover the gamut here! All this, and we record a sketch! Sketch Comedy Podcast show is an independent and completely improvised sketch podcast that is based on conversations with interesting people like YOU! We welcome all suggestions, and we are always looking for new and interesting people to have on the podcast. Thank you so much for watching and listening, and please check out our other links for more information, interaction and overall fun! For…