“The Creature and These Whack Baffoons” with Ben Fancher | Indie Horror Movie Producer and Director
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Have you ever had that dream that you wanted to direct and write the movie that you always wanted to watch? I bet you have, you’ve imagined it, but you haven’t done a single thing to get it done. This week’s guest, Ben Fancher, is absolutely going to make the horror movie of his dreams… and he works a retail job during the day! You can just hear the excitement and passion in his voice as he talks about building this movie. I for one am really looking forward to it! You can connect with Ben via all the social media channels to keep up with his progress , link is at the bottom of the show notes. Let me tell you my favorite thing about this show: all of the episodes are still really listenable. Make sure that if you like this show, or don’t like this show, you can take a look at all of the past episodes and maybe you can find something else you like! Head to sketchcomedypodcastshow.com and just scroll down the page! Business opportunities abound all around us. See a need, fill it, and you can get rewarded…