“Book of Love” with Eric Ackerson | VP of Marketing in Consumer Electronics
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This week’s guest on the show is someone who has seen me, literally, at my worst. Eric Ackerson is someone I met in the mid-90s and we spent a great deal of time during these very formative years. Drinking formative years, so that meant that there was a lot of learning and then a lot of forgetting. We both worked at the same company (Fry’s Electronics), we both had the same sort of career trajectory, but Eric did it right and found himself as a vice-president at a cool consumer electronics company. Meanwhile, I don’t know if anyone at the company I work at even really knows my name. Eric dishes all the dirt on me, and then we record a sketch about dating. Man, there is a lot of dirt on me. Just to keep you up to date, there are some new enhanced versions of the sketches found on YouTube. They really are cool and I love that there is a visual companion to these sketches. This weeks sketch: When you are looking for love, you will look for it anywhere. Maybe it’s in that weird smelling bottle you bought from…