“I Got That New-Time Religion” with Jim Greenfield | Host of Conservative Talk Show “The Decline and Fall of America”
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February 19, 2017
Watch the sketch on YouTuber here!: Stuart invites the nororious radio host Jim Greenfield onto the podcast. Jim has been fired from the radio 7 times, which is the same amount of times that Rush Limbaugh has been fired, the biggest difference is that Rush Limbaugh earns $32M a year. Jim is also a conservative talk show host, but has decided to give up on radio and start his own podcast, called “The Jim Greenfield Show Podcast”. Let’s see if he can become the first person ever fired from his own podcast. Although Stuart doesn’t agree with ANYTHING Jim says, it is still a good discussion. Note: The recording session had some technical issues (okay, Stuart’s computer ran out of power so they had to record on his phone) but it doesn’t take away from the interesting conversation. It’s going to be a great next couple of weeks! Stuart is working on the new episodes and is continuing to record with interesting people! Do you happen to know someone who is interesting? Suggest them! It’s easy, just send us a message…