“Totally Appropriate Audition” with Laura Welsh | Actress and Director
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: This week brings the lovely and talented and… okay, to be honest Stuart has a little bit of a crush on this week’s guest. Here’s the story: after the episode with Kelly Guimont, who is also quite amazing, Laura Welsh liked the tweet and Stuart saw her red hair and was curious and checked out her profile for, you know, professional reasons, and noticed that she was a local actress in Portland. So, in the most non-creepy way ever he contacted her to see if she would be interested in doing the show! And, after doing a background check and having Stuart go through a battery of psychological tests, she was! It was a really fun conversation and during it we find out a lot about auditioning, acting, and that Laura is in a really great relationship… which is good. No really. I’m really happy for them. Go to the website under “Guests” and you can be a total creep… er, do some research yourself! She has an IMDB page and, embedded there, is her short about online dating which is…