“Steamy Conversation” with Kris Keppeler | Host of the “Does This Happen To You?” Podcast
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Watch the sketch on YouTube here!: Fellow podcaster and #PodernFamily member Kris Keppeler joins me in recording. Kris has a show called “Does This Happen To You?” where she explores the bizarre ways of getting through your day. On the show she reads really interesting articles from Medium. Kris is also an actress, and has been in a couple of horror movies. You can find out more about Kris on our website at sketchcomedypodcastshow.com in the guests section. Speaking of which, the new site is awesome! The episodes are front and center, it is incredibly easy to see what is new and to go back and listen to past episodes, and you can even use this site to subscribe to the podcast or get to our YouTube page. But, I think the coolest are some of the other features, like the ability to download the transcription of the podcast (what?), to get more information and bios on our guests (whaaaat?) and even leave us feedback (Whaaaaaaaat?!?!) or leave us a small or sizable donation (WHAAAAAAT???!!!!!????). I know, I’m…