Conversation with Nikki Smith | Improvisor, Not-Good Advice Giver and Suicide Preventer
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This episode’s guest was so much fun to talk to. Nikki Smith is an improvisor, theater director, gives really bad advice on life (, plays the accordion (badly) and is now helping people who are having a hard time in life get through to the next day (hopefully very well). What I liked best about chatting with Nikki was how much we are similar… we are drawn to improv because we do not like to learn lines, we are both scatterbrained enough that we can’t settle on that one good thing that we are good at. The biggest difference is that she loves cats and I am constantly trying to keep my slacks free from hair. We talk about improv (duh) and talk about singing improv, dramatic improv, and all of the improvs. We also talk about her trek to become certified in suicide prevention, which is not as easy as just being nice on the phone. We do talk cats, especially her cat, “Derp”, who may have the best/worst name for a cat ever (fortunately, cats don’t understand human humor). Overall,…