“Don’t Forget to Swipe” with Thilo S. | Social Engineer
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Thilo is someone that I happened to meet on a social media app called Shapr, which is a version of Tinder that focuses on business connections and not hook-ups, although I think I’ve had more luck finding dates on Shapr. Thilo is a social coach that helps people get over anxieties by pushing their comfort to it’s furthest limits, like if you had a fear of approaching people, Thilo might have you go up to a table in a restaurant and ask for a bite of someone’s food. He also makes coffee in his Vitamix, which is really cool and delicious! How do you like ads? Hate them? Me too. I would, however, be really interested in hearing from you! Here’s what I’m thinking: How do you feel about giving you the reigns to the podcast for 30 seconds? You could tell everyone a quick story, send out a message, create a personal ad, ask someone to marry you… just something unique right in this spot! There will be a “Buy Airtime” link on sketchcomedypodcastshow.com where you can see the rate card! Get your voice heard on Sketch…