MBA1001 How to Find Great Talent Via Your Staff
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Good help is hard to find. But it’s easier when you’ve got staff who care about your business. Whenever it’s possible, finding new hires via your old ones isn’t just cost-effective. It’s ideal! While anyone can comb through resumes and find appropriate skill sets, nothing beats a referral from someone who understands your business, your company culture, and your needs. Not only does your own team know you and your mission, they know the potential hire — and what makes them a great fit. We’ve grown our team person by person for the last several years, mostly using this method. In that time, the people brought in by our people have proven to be a great fit. Even if you’ve only got one employee, you can turn that person into the best possible recruiter. Personal connections do more than any job posting, recruitment service, or interviews. Assemble the team that jives on a personal level, and see what they’re capable of. Learn how — Click Play!