MBA932 Creating & Selling a Mobile App P2 + Free Ride Friday!
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Have a great idea for a mobile app? We’ve got your back! Today is Part II of our series on developing and selling your mobile app, from start to finish. Yesterday, we discussed how to design and build your app, with a focus on user experience and customer problem-solving. Today, we cover how to get your completed app in front of those customers, by applying basic marketing strategies. The good news is that your app has every chance of success, as long as it solves a customer problem. The bad news? Very few people will find your app by chance! Standing out in a sea of over 2 million apps requires purposeful strategy. We’ll show you how to build your brand, find your audience, and ensure that the people who can benefit from your app find out about it. All that, and it’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Make your app idea an app reality. Click Play!