MBA1004 How to Run a Successful Cross Promotion
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They say two heads are better than one. How about two marketing campaigns? Cross-promotion is a smart, simple way to instantly double your exposure, and it costs you almost nothing. All you need is a partner with a complementary product, and you can exchange access to your respective audiences. In our business, we’ve done many a cross-promotion with other entrepreneurs. In fact, we’re doing one as of this writing. We’re not talking about commission or affiliate marketing here (though that’s an option). We’re discussing a simple exchange in which your partner tells their audience about your business, and vice versa. It’s easy, mutually beneficial, and effective — if you do it right. Today, we offer our best strategies for executing an optimal cross-promotion, from identifying a partner, to mutual goal-setting, to follow up with your new audience. With a little strategy, cross promotion works. Click Play!