MBA1135 Q&A Wednesday: How Do I Stop Scammers From Abusing My Affiliate Program?
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November 14, 2018
Affiliate marketing can be a powerful, positive tool for growth. But like many business opportunities, it can also create the conditions for some seriously shady misbehavior. Don’t let the scammers win! Today, we discuss 5 simple strategies you can use to cut the devils off and protect your business. While most of your affiliates will be trustworthy fellow entrepreneurs with good intentions, there are always bad apples out there waiting to use stolen credit card info to boost their own commissions — and leave you holding the bag. If you don’t protect yourself, the chargebacks from false purchases will throw your revenue cycle into chaos. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to set your affiliate program up in a way that prevents all that. Our own scammer-unfriendly affiliate system took a few bad experiences to perfect, so let our experience be your security. Click Play!