MBA1143 Guest Teacher: Iz El-Bahnasy- How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate
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November 26, 2018
If you can’t convert, you can’t sell. Turning website visitors into customers is an exact science, one with years of research behind it. Today, an expert in conversion optimization strategy stops by to give us a thorough breakdown of exactly how to move visitors down the funnel and onto your customer list. Iz El-Bahnasy is the founder of Gather, a conversion app that’s leading the way in…well, leads! El-Bahnasy understand the buyer’s journey from start to finish, and so can you. Learn how to maximize your chances of success at every step in the journey, from the first visit to marketing qualification to sales qualification and beyond. Using data from Gather users, El-Bahnasy has honed his strategy to identify weak points in the funnel, and fix them to keep the leads flowing. See how much better your conversion optimization can be. Click Play!