MBA1082 How to Prevent Software Overload in Your Business + Free Ride Friday!
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Business software: from CRM to CMS to accounting and more, running an agile, lean business requires some digital products. But after a while, those products can start to pile up. Next thing you know, you’ve got dozens of accounts, usernames and passwords you’ve long forgotten, and (worst of all) money pouring down the drain as you pay for products you don’t really use. It’s happened to all of us: we buy a cool-looking program that seems like a great deal at the time, only to let it collect digital dust. Well, it’s time to clean house. Today, we explain our system for evaluating the programs we use, assessing their value, and dumping what we don’t need. We discuss the symptoms of software overload, and how cutting the digital dead weight can improve your efficiency. Keep your business organized. Keep it streamlined. Keep it profitable. Click Play!