MBA1000 Q&A Wednesday: How Do You Work & Live With Your Significant Other?
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It’s been a long road, but here we are: 1,000 episodes! Don’t worry — we won’t spend too much time celebrating, because we’ve got business to discuss. Specifically, many of our listeners want to know how our co-founders, Omar and Nicole, balance their personal partnership with their business partnership. Can working alongside that special someone really…work? It sure can! Today, Omar and Nicole discuss the unique challenges and advantages of building a business with your other half. Our co-hosts are up-front and honest about what can go wrong when you work with someone so close to your heart — which is exactly why they pull it off. Omar and Nicole discuss the potential conflicts of sharing a business and a life, as well as the boundaries, systems, and mutual agreements that keep them focused on their shared goals. They also discuss what makes working together so adorably great. Each offers 3 tips, for a total of 6 wisdom-nuggets on how to chase your goals with your best friend at your side. Hear what it…