MBA979 How I Prepare for a Public Speech
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Public speaking is many people’s biggest fear. But for entrepreneurs, it can be one of the most powerful business-building tools. As intimidating as it can be, getting up in front of people and explaining yourself does wonders for your marketing, sales, and personal branding. It’s taken our host Omar 6 years of study and practice to become the competent, engaging public speaker he is today. From hosting our daily podcast, to hosting regular webinars, to addressing huge live crowds at industry conferences, his success on the mic is no accident. It’s the result of thoughtful, thorough preparation. Today, Omar shares his public speaking preparation strategy, from the initial “intel gathering” about the topic, audience, and venue, to the scripting of his words, to the multiple rehearsals he conducts before he ever sets foot on stage. He describes his own step-by-step process for crushing his speeches before a single audience member takes their seat. He’s had the training. He’s had the experience. And he’s had…