MBA1107 How to Prepare for Growth + Free Ride Friday!
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You’re about to blow up. Are you ready? When big things are on the horizon, you have to prepare your business. “Catastrophic success” is real and dangerous, and businesses that aren’t prepared to handle a sudden spike in recognition and sales can founder. If you know your business is about to raise its profile, it’s time to gear up for the next level. Today, we discuss how to get ready for when the attention — and the customers — start pouring in. We’ve got 5 specific bases you need to cover, so that sudden success doesn’t turn into suddenly losing your footing. You’ve got to make the most of those rare, golden opportunities to parlay big moments into long-term profit, so don’t miss your chance! If you’re not ready, your business infrastructure can be overwhelmed. Your website can crash. Your payment processor can trigger alarms. Your inventory can be exhausted. Your ability to keep up when the good times start rolling is crucial to your survival. Worry not, entrepreneurs. Sudden success is a good problem to…