MBA1054 5 Reasons Masterminds Fail
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Mastermind groups can be a fantastic way to get and give valuable advice, accelerating your growth as an entrepreneur. These small groups of industry peers are more and more common, as entrepreneurs reach out to each other for help, support, and understanding. But not all masterminds are created equal. Our host, Omar, has been a member of several different mastermind groups. Some have been incredibly valuable, while others…not so much. If you’re considering joining — or starting — a mastermind, it’s important to know exactly what makes some of them flop. If you know what to avoid, you can ensure that your time (and everyone else’s) is never wasted. Today, we discuss 5 specific things that are guaranteed to ruin a mastermind, no matter how bright or informed its members are. By nailing certain logistical and procedural requirements, you can set your mastermind up to be a win for everyone involved — especially you. Find out what pitfalls to avoid. Click Play!