MBA992 Growth You Should Aim for in Year 1 + Free Ride Friday!
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Is your business growing fast enough? If you’re just getting started, that’s a question you might be asking. The answer, though, isn’t as simple as being big enough, soon enough. The right pace of growth isn’t necessarily the fastest pace. In fact, growing too quickly can (and does) end in disaster for businesses that aren’t equipped to go from 0 to 60 abruptly. We’ve actually turned down opportunities for explosive growth, simply because we knew it wasn’t a sustainable course to take. Given the unique challenges of establishing a new business, entrepreneurs have to be precise in their goals, benchmarks, and standards. To chase as many customers and as much revenue as possible? That’s not very precise — or wise. Today, we discuss reasonable, sustainable goals for new small businesses. By taking a smart, lean approach to your business’ growth, you can ensure that you’re not just a flash in the pan. You can establish a foundation of growth that will support years of continued success. Find out how to grow…