MBA1127 Should You Write a Book to Promote Your Brand? + Free Ride Friday!
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Will writing a book help your business? It sounds like a no-brainer: write a book, and your credibility will spike, leading to more traffic. Done right, a book can be one of the most powerful branding and marketing tools imaginable. But done incorrectly, writing a book can be serious waste of time, money, and effort. In order to produce a big ROI, your book has to have certain components. It has to be written — and marketed — in a way that’s efficient. Simply putting words to paper will not boost your business. In fact, it can hurt your business and brand. You don’t have to be a stellar writer, but you do need a plan. Today, we discuss what makes a book work as a marketing tool, and why some books fail to hit the mark. From content to publishing method to marketing, these tips will ensure that what you get out of your book is greater than what you put in. Click Play!