MBA1015 Q&A Wednesday: How much time should I spend consuming content?
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Content: there’s plenty of it out there. Much of it can help you grow as an entrepreneur. With the wealth of online educational resources available today, you could spend your whole day learning about business and your own industry. Without setting foot in a business school, you can learn more from your laptop than many have in universities. But when does learning about business start to detract from actually doing business? Today, we discuss the limits of content consumption. Professional development is a worthy endeavor, but you’ve got to balance it against your other responsibilities. Otherwise, the ROI shoots right into the negative. We have a formula for consumption that works for us, with exact allowances of time that are firm, but flexible. There is a such thing as too much content. In fact, the human brain can only learn so much before it’s no longer useful to keep reading or listening. Tune in, and find out exactly how to balance learning with doing. Click Play!