MBA878 Do You Need an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?
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There’s a new obsession in entrepreneurial circles, and it’s time we looked at it with a critical eye. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) seem to be all the rage, as independent business people look to protect their new ideas with the legal equivalent of the Great Wall of China. But are they really necessary? More importantly, are they worth the cost and effort? Whether your idea needs protecting— and whether an NDA can actually protect it— are worth thinking about. Today we discuss the main reasons businesses insist on making employees, partners, and investors sign NDA’s. We also discuss the shortcomings of these agreements, as their value in protecting the heart of your business might be a little…exaggerated. Not only are these documents surprisingly limited in their ability to keep people from finding out how your sausage is made, it’s likely that they’re protecting sausage that’s perfectly safe anyway. On top of that, NDA’s can actually deter valuable people from helping get your business off the ground!…