MBA1160 Q&A Wednesday: What tools do you recommend to create Squeeze Pages?
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December 19, 2018
A page by any other name is just as sweet. Whether you call it a squeeze page or a landing page, conversions are the name of the game. A well-constructed squeeze page shouldn’t take too much time or effort — if you have the right tools. Today, we tell one listener what those tools are, and where to find them. It’s a follow up from last week’s episode on maximizing your conversion rates via squeeze page. In that episode, we explained how squeeze pages are the key to sales, and how you can make sure they’re working effectively. Now, we point you to the specific software you can use, tailored to your budget and technical expertise. Find out what to look for in squeeze page software, how to use it, and why you might already have exactly what you need in your existing CMS. Click Play!