MBA1013 Guest Teacher: Clay Clark – How to Increase Your Sales by 300% in 30 Days
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Ready for some top-notch business coaching? Clay Clark is in demand as a business consultant. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and a bestselling author, Clark knows the strategies that create revenue for all kinds of businesses. That’s why he’s been successful both in creating his own businesses, and in coaching and motivational speaking for a slew of Fortune 500 companies. Bottom line: this advice is valuable. Clark is here to help you revamp your business strategy with a sales-oriented approach. Today, he offers 6 specific tactics you can use to bump your sales numbers exponentially. From online marketing to closing the deal, Clark’s 6 tips can help you get the most out of your current business assets — especially if you have an established sales team. After you listen to the podcast, head on over to for even more in-depth growth coaching. Click Play!