MBA1063 Guest Teacher: Travis Chappell- Why Overcoming Rejection Is Necessary For Your Business
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It takes some practice before you’re good at getting rejected. The more it happens, the better you are, the more easily it rolls of your shoulders. No, this is not one of those “fail up” lessons, where we tell how you should treasure every bad moment. We know rejection is painful, we know it’s frustrating, and we certainly don’t suggest you seek rejection as a way to grow as an entrepreneur. We simply want you to accept rejection, and embrace it as part of the entrepreneurial process. To that end, we’ve brought on a special guest teacher. Sales expert Travis Chappell hosts the Build Your Network Podcast, and knows a thing or two about moving past rejection. More importantly, he’s here to warn us that fear of rejection cannot be allowed to hold us back. Today, Chappell offers the down-to-earth tips you need to reset your psychology so that you never lose the optimism and drive that got you into independent business. If you think you’ve heard this kind of advice before, trust us — you haven’t. Find out how…