MBA1208 Must Read: Cut Costs Not Corners by Colin Barrow
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February 25, 2019
You can avoid wasting money without being cheap. In fact, you kinda have to. New, independent businesses depend largely on their founder’s ability to keep quality high but expenses controlled. You can’t spend yourself out of business, but you can’t disappoint your customers (or your team) just to save a buck. Quality is a must, but it’s no excuse to shed cash unnecessarily. This week’s Must-Read will help you maintain that balance. Colin Barrow is a prolific author, and Cut Costs Not Corners is one of his most popular works. It explains how to make every penny do the utmost for your business. Statistically, businesses don’t usually fail because the idea is bad or the revenue is too low. Excessive cost kills, more often than anything else. Barrow understands better than anyone how controlling costs doesn’t have to come at an even higher cost: the quality of your product and happiness of your team. Click Play!