MBA916 What You Can Learn From a 30 Year Business Run Buy One Man
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What is success? On a recent trip, we ran into someone whose business accomplishments inspired us to devote an entire podcast episode to him — not just because he’d “made it” in business, but because of how he’d made it, and how he’d defined “making it” for himself. He didn’t create some incredible invention or stumble on some viral marketing strategy. He simply executed a simple business plan with little more than patience, hustle, and some very happy chickens. Yas Kubota is an organic egg farmer in Australia. He’s also an incredible example of a solopreneur who’s managed to sustain, grow, and thrive off an independent business for three decades. This long-term success story is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of independent business. Kubota is proof that fundamentals — and a positive attitude — are really all you need. Click Play!