MBA860 How to Re-Launch a Product P2
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Welcome to Part 2 of our very, very in-depth lesson on (re) launching your products! We want you to master the art of the launch, because it’s a skill you’ll need over and over again. With our formula, launching can become second nature. With a little practice, each and every new iteration of your product will be a fresh beginning for you and your independent business. In our first episode, we covered the first phase of the launch: the pre-pre launch, where most of the work is done. In this episode, we cover the rest: the pre-launch, the launch itself, and the post-launch. This is where we execute all of the careful preparation that went into Phase 1 and turn the launch into a true event. We build buzz, offer incentives, and pull in new clientele. After, we use the momentum of the launch to propel the business straight into the future! This is the exact formula we’re using to launch our new software, WebinarNinja 5.0. We’re also including a special bonus— The Complete Product Launch Guide, a special…