MBA1182 Tips to Managing Time Zones with a Remote Team + Free Ride Friday!
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Business is global, and that comes with incredible advantages. Today’s entrepreneurs can draw talent from all over the world, finding skilled, affordable remote team members wherever they are. But all that far-flung talent comes with one little drawback: time zones. Today, we discuss how to navigate the problem of the clock. With employees in Australia, Eastern Europe, Asia, and America, we know how tricky it can be to align everyone’s schedules. Making sure that distant team members can collaborate across time zones is crucial to reaping the benefits of global business. Fortunately, there are tools, tricks, and strategies for keeping everyone on the same page, even when they’re not in the same part of the world. Managed properly, your business can be a 24-hour machine, running smoothly as your trusted team handles business whatever time of day (or night) it is for you. Click Play!