MBA1073 Guest Teacher: Jeet Banerjee- How To Find Out Fast If Your Business Idea Will Succeed
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Will it work? Every entrepreneur has to ask this question. Idea validation is the first step to founding a successful business, so it’s crucial to figure out whether your next product has real potential. Jeet Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur who’s built and sold multiple businesses, consulted for several more, and made his mark as an author and TEDx speaker. Today, he’s here to show us exactly how to test the waters. Banerjee’s 4-step process for evaluating a business idea is the most efficient way to get real answers, so you can decide whether to keep going — or move on to something else. From conception to testing to tweaking, Banerjee has the system you can use to validate (or not) your next big product idea. Learn how to tell whether an idea is worth pursuing — Click Play!