MBA1022 How To Work On Weekends Without Burning Out + Free Ride Friday!
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Entrepreneurs need weekends, too. Building a business on the side is no easy feat. But even the hardest working, most dedicated side-hustler has basic human needs: rest, relaxation, and a general enjoyment of life. To deprive yourself of these things won’t bring success. It’ll bring fatigue, burnout, and resentment. So how can you make time for you and your business? One word: scheduling. Today, we discuss the time management tips that keep your weekends both productive and relaxing. With a little planning, and a little discipline, you can enjoy everything that makes weekends great, without losing ground in your business. Our host Omar knows better than anyone — he held down a full-time day job while running a business on the side for years. By actively prioritizing R&R, he was able to meet his goals without collapsing in a heap of disgruntled fatigue. By not seeing himself as a work-bot, he was able to stay healthy, motivated, and productive 7 days a week. You can do it, too. Find out how. Click Play!