MBA1149 Lessons Learned When Launching a New Product
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As always, our experience is your guide. Recently, we undertook the difficult — but enlightening — task of launching an entire new product. What we learned was valuable to us, and will definitely be valuable to you. We’ve got a new product, but this episode isn’t some thinly-disguised plug. It’s a genuine lesson on building and launching something new, and everything that process can teach you. Whether you’re launching your first product, or adding something new to your existing business, listen to this before you release the final version! Give your product the best chance of selling big. In this episode, we discuss marketing and launching a new software service, and how to balance your current branding with the need to make new and different waves. We get into everything from pricing to beta testing, with detailed information on how to give your new baby the best chance of success. Click Play!