MBA1023 Guest Teacher: David Burkus- How To Make The Connections You Need To Grow Your Business
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Networking: you’re (probably) doing it wrong. Networking is crucial to the development of any business. We like to say that the relationships you build as an entrepreneur are the most valuable asset your business has. But acquiring contacts and building genuine relationships is a subtle art, one that requires skill and finesse. That said, anyone can do it. You just need the right approach. Enter today’s special guest teacher, David Burkus. Burkus a best selling author and social sciences expert whose research-based strategies are proven to work. He’s here to show us the “hidden network” that lives just outside your contact list, in the gray areas between friends and total strangers. With Burkus’ advice, you can take the awkwardness out of networking and forge valuable alliances skillfully. Learn how to identify and connect with contacts, and nurture the relationships that’ll mean everything to your business. Click Play!