MBA1116 How to Upgrade Your Computer for Less
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Computer running sluggish? You can’t let your tech slow down your business, but what if you can’t afford a brand spanking new piece of equipment? Worry not, friends. You don’t have to drop a couple G’s on the latest hardware. There are alternatives. You’ve got to have the tools you need to do business, even if your operating budget isn’t in “new MacBook” territory just yet. You can drastically improve your computer situation for just a few hundred dollars, or even less. From tune-ups to accessories to trade-ins, there are cheaper, better ways to get the hardware you need. Today we share the tricks that let you get the most computer for the least amount of money. Some of them, you may have heard of. Others, maybe not. To keep your startup lean, you need to find savings wherever you can, and these savings are substantial. Reduce friction. Save time. Get more bang for your tech-buck. Click Play!