MBA1006 5 Common Mistakes When Starting Your First Business
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You’re starting your first business. Are you nervous? Don’t be! Even though it’s your first time, you’ve got the advantage of our experience, right here on this podcast. There are so many things we wish we knew when we first got started. Today, we share 5 of the most important mistakes we wish we hadn’t made — because we totally did. These are not small mistakes! All five of these screwups are potential business-killers. The good news is that because we made these mistakes already, you don’t have to. And even if you have already made them, it’s not too late to change course. Whatever you do, do not let these errors slide. Avoid them, stop them; whatever it takes. Many of these mistakes involve the transition from conventional work to entrepreneurship. For the newly independent, it’s important to know the key differences that trip people up. Let our experience (and our failure) be your guide. Click Play!