MBA863 4 Habits I Had to Kick To Succeed
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February 20, 2017
Habits create a business person, for better or worse. Your habits, however subtle and unconscious they might be, define your chances of success! I learned that lesson the hard way after realizing that some of my habits were holding my businesses back. It was tough to acknowledge, but once I did, the results were astounding. Today, I discuss four very common habits that hurt my chances the most. Breaking them wasn’t easy, but doing so was well worth the effort. Habits are like muscles. The more they’re used, the stronger they become— and that’s doubly true for the habits you want to kick! Getting out of these four habits will, over time, help you and your business reach their fullest potential. The effect is cumulative. It takes time. But realizing that you are your own greatest obstacle can do more for your business than you might realize. Find out if you can break free from any of these four business-killing behaviors. Click play!