MBA1193 Guest Teacher: Steve Glaveski- How to do Rapid Experimentation
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“Fire and adjust.” It’s a military metaphor that works wonders in business; you put something out there, watch it miss, and use that information to hit the target the next time. Or 3 times later. Or 10 times. Whatever it takes. The point is, experimentation is key to creating the “perfect” product, or at least one people will buy. The best entrepreneurs don’t perfect an idea and release it — they release ideas and perfect them based on feedback. Steve Glaveski is an accomplished entrepreneur who knows how to try, try again until you hit the mark. Today, he’s here to show us how. Glaveski has a system for creating and conducting product experiments rapidly, kicking your market research into overdrive with fast, real-world, actionable results. By failing as many times as possible as quickly as possible, you engage in a collaborative effort with your audience to discover exactly what they need — and what they’re willing to pay for. Learn how experiments can tell you things you never would have thought of. Click…