MBA1056 The 1 Thing You Should Never Outsource
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As your business grows, you can’t do everything yourself. However, there are some things no one else should do for you. In fact, there’s one thing you can never, ever delegate. It’s healthy and necessary to hand off responsibilities as time goes by. Outsourcing, delegating, and otherwise trusting others to help move your business forward is the only sustainable way. But there’s one part of running a business that will always be your responsibility, and should always occur in-house. This responsibility is so vital, so central to the health of your business, that passing it on to outsiders will only cost you in the long run. It defines the direction of your business. Most importantly, it takes a long time to get really good at — so you want to practice it for as long as possible. Learn about the one job you can never pass along, and why. Click Play!