MBA1203 Guest Teacher: Martin Moore- How To Handle Tough Conversations with Your Team
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February 18, 2019
Leadership can be tough, and so can the conversations. When it comes to criticism, course correction, and other awkward talks, only the leader can (and must) buck up and say what has to be said. It has to be done smoothly, professionally, and in a way that creates change without creating resentment. It’s not easy. It’s a skill, one that every entrepreneur needs to practice. Fortunately, we’ve found someone to help. Martin Moore is the founder of and the host of the No Bullshit Leadership podcast. As you can see, he doesn’t mince words when there’s an important conversation to be had. Today, Martin is here to show us how to get comfortable with the hard talks, so that your own fear and avoidance impulses don’t hurt your business. The good news? Both Martin and our beloved host Omar were terrible at these tough conversations early on. But both of them learned how to see these talks as an essential, positive part of entrepreneurship — and so can you. Click Play!