MBA1192 How to Create Accountability With Your Team + Free Ride Friday!
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As your team grows, it becomes tougher to manage. Keeping everyone on task, and getting the results you’re paying them for, gets a little more complicated with each new hire. We’ve got a strategy that keeps everyone on point by keeping everyone accountable. With a far-flung remote team of dozens, our system makes it clear exactly what’s expected when, with full buy-in from all our employees. Best of all, this system involves little to no whip-cracking, instead focusing on a shared agreement between everyone on the team. Tune in, and learn how specific communication and planning techniques create a well-oiled machine in which all team members are on the same page. By getting employees to take ownership of their roles, you can manage with a lighter, more collaborative touch — which makes life easier for everyone. Find out how it works. Click Play!