MBA1214 Does Cold Emailing Work in 2019?
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You want to network. You want to make the connections that’ll help your business grow. You want to make the right friends and partners. Should you just reach out? Cold emailing is an option some entrepreneurs consider. Without any connection or previous relationship, some folks just get a hold of someone’s email address, and pitch away. But is this really an effective strategy? Does it ever work? Is a cold email a bold act of gumption, or an annoying act of spammery? As someone who gets a lot of cold emails, our host Omar knows a thing or two about their effectiveness. Spoiler alert: the vast majority of cold emails Omar receives go unanswered. That said, there are ways to make a cold email a little warmer. With some preparation, you can forge a relationship with a stranger — but it takes more than a good subject line. Tune in, and learn the right way to make new connections. Click Play!