MBA1179 How to Grow with Facebook Groups
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Yes, we’re recommending Facebook as a business tool. That may come as a shock to longtime listeners, who know what we think of the overrated, underperforming so-called “power” of social media marketing. Bear with us. Facebook Groups offer a wonderful opportunity for growth. Not revenue growth, not traffic growth, but the most important growth of all: your growth as an entrepreneur. By leveraging this useful little tool, you can become the entrepreneur you need to be. It’s more than worth your time to devote some effort each week to using social media this way. With Groups, you can validate ideas, find support, network, and forge seriously valuable relationships with other business people. Today, we discuss what groups to look for, how to get into them, and how to participate in a way that gets you a big ROI. Learn how Facebook can build your credibility in the market. Click Play!