MBA1019 How to Transition from Self-Employed to Business Owner
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Your future is bigger than yourself alone. There’s a huge difference between self-employment and business ownership. Being self-employed gives you freedom, and many prefer it to conventional 9-to-5 work. But self-employment means the whole enterprise depends entirely on you. Depending on the business, this isn’t scalable — or even sustainable in the very long term. Business ownership, on the other hand, means taking a step back. It means being the leader, not the worker. It means delegating and trusting others with the day-to-day operation of your business, so that you can look further ahead. It’s not just about freedom. It’s about building something self-sustaining, independent of little ol’ you. The ultimate goal of entrepreneurship is business ownership. Even if you start as a solopreneur (as our host Omar did), eventually you’ll want to scale up, and hand off tasks to new people. This isn’t easy, and it’s not a ticket out of work. It’s a long-haul outlook that sets up a future for yourself and others.…